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About us

Red Island is one of Australia’s favourite Extra Virgin olive oil brands.  Since launching in 2003, Red Island has proudly been working with olive growers across Australia to produce and market the finest Australian Extra Virgin olive oils.  Over this time we have picked up a number of awards for excellence in quality and taste, expanded our distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and recently joined the Boundary Bend family – Australia’s leading olive oil producer and marketer.

So what’s the secret to our success?

It’s simple, really. We deliver high quality extra virgin olive oil, at great prices. It’s made using only top quality, Aussie-grown olives from Australia’s best olive producers, which means it’ll taste great every time and is better for you. And most importantly it’s versatile enough to use for any occasion. So if you’re after a great-tasting extra virgin olive oil, that’s affordable too, you can’t go past Red Island.

Why Australian?

Australian Extra Virgin olive oils are among the highest quality in the world. Our warm, sunny climate is much like that of the Mediterranean – making it perfect for growing rich, flavoursome olives. And we use the latest technology during harvesting, which means those plump, healthy olives can be made into Extra Virgin olive oil in less than 12 hours – locking in the flavours and health benefits into every bottle. What’s more, our farming and processing techniques are up to the highest standards, and our oils are third party certified by the Australian Olive Association code of practice. So you can be rest assured that when you buy Australian Extra Virgin olive oil, you’re buying high quality extra virgin olive oil.