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Extra Virgin Olive Oil grown, crushed and bottled by Aussie farmers

From our farms to your family

At Red Island, we make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil the only way we know how, with honest hard work. No shortcuts or fancy ingredients – just 100% natural goodness from the freshest olives grown in Aussie soil by Aussie farmers. Harvested and cold pressed, straight from our community to yours.

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We have a passion for quality and take great pride in our product

It starts with the rich, red, fertile earth that gives us ripe and plump olives. And it ends with the care of our farmers who pull together as one to deliver fresh Australian olives each and every harvest.

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Grown, pressed and bottled in our own backyard

Some might say that there’s not a lot to growing olives – and there isn’t. But what little there is, is extremely important

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